Reiki Level III Master/Teacher

The Third Level of Reiki, the Master/Teacher level is where you learn how to teach the first 2 levels and start developing your own personal teaching style and how to effectively structure your own classes.
You will receive a further Attunement that will deepen your connection with the Reiki Guides.
You will receive and learn how to work with even more Advanced Reiki Symbols including the Reiki Master Symbol. You will learn how to attune others, receive answers to Questions, discussions and practice are encouraged and most welcome as you experience further Personal and Spiritual Growth in this class.When you feel you are ready to continue on your Spiritual Journey and would like to receive your Reiki Level III training, please let me know and I will be so very honoured to book a time with you. One on one training is perfectly fine.
Or if you prefer a class environment next class is Sunday August 20th  2017.