Reiki Level I Certification


Reiki is an energy based healing method that treats and addresses the whole person on all levels.

It treats the body, mind and spirit. Everything is made of energy and every living thing contains life force energy.

 If your life force energy is low, or if there is restriction in it’s flow, your energies are not in balance and you are more vulnerable to illness.  

When your life force energy is high and flowing freely, you are less likely to suffer from illness on any level.

Reiki is the directing of this life force energy.  Reiki is a positive energy that works to restore harmony, remove energy blockages and promotes smooth, unrestricted energy flow.

Its benefits include:

 *Increasing the body’s natural ability to heal itself

*Reducing pain

*The releasing of negative energies on all levels, Body, Mind and Spirit.

  *Reduction in stress levels and increase in relaxation

Reiki is normally taught in three levels.

The 1st works primarily on healing on the Physical Level, and you begin working with Reiki Energy Symbols.

The 2nd level works more with the Emotional and Spiritual Levels and includes sending Reiki Energies and helping to heal those not physically present.

You also begin working with additional Energy Symbols.

The 3rd Level is the Master/Teacher Level and you receive your Master Attunement.

You learn how to perform Attunements and to teach all levels of Reiki.

What you will learn in this Reiki Level I Class:

*Healing Ethics and Principals

*Your Own Unique Way Of Perceiving Energy

*About The Chakras (Energy Centers Of The Body)

*How To Perform a Treatment On Another Person

*How To Perform a Self Treatment

*Group Treatments

*Intuitive Healing

*Incorporating The Energies of Crystals and Colour  into Your Healing

You will receive your Reiki Level I Attunement, a Manual as well as a Certificate recognized by The Canadian Reiki Association.

Classes are maximum 4 people to ensure that everybody gets exactly what they need.

To work with Reiki promises to be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself!

***If scheduled dates listed do not work for you, I am very happy to teach one on one and we can arrange a time that works for you.

**The next date for Reiki Level I is Sunday June 17th**

10:00 am to approx 5:00 pm