Past Life Regressions


Have you ever wondered:

 *What kind of past lives you may have lead

*What lessons you may have learned in a previous life that can help you resolve issues in your current life

*What soul connections you may have been carried forward from a previous life to this one

*Why you feel a special connection to a place you have never been

 By understanding more of our past, we can help to heal and understand our present.

 By experiencing a Past Life Regression, you may gain knowledge that enables you to learn the origins of current life problems and difficulties and therefore alleviate and eliminate them. 

We will go back to at least two of your past lives that have special relevance for you to your current life.

We also visit the state in between lives and the client usually brings back information very important to them such as

*Did they choose the lessons they were to learn in this life or where the lessons chosen for them
*What happens in the state between lives
*Who and what they saw as they passed from former lives
*Why they were born to the parents that they were

The private sessions tend to have a very profound effect and go into much depth.

Sessions are taped for you to bring home.

*Please call or email to make an appointment at a convenient time for you.