Connecting To Spirit Gris Gris


The Gris Gris is traditionally used in New Orleans for various things such as attracting money and love, empowerment, protecting the home, healing and various other purposes and intents.

Each of our Gris Gris are hand made by myself, and are created using Herbs, Crystals, Pure Essential Oils, and sometimes other ingredients that were chosen for their energetic, magickal and astrological properties.

Carry your Gris Gris with you, add your own will and intent and let it’s unique energy combine with yours to help empower you in the way that you need.

Lavender – To enhance psychic gifts, dreams and spirituality

If you would like a Gris Gris created for you for a purpose that is not already offered, please let me know and I will be happy to create one for you according to your need.