I can happily say that I enjoy myself and am able to find something that resonates with me every time i walk in. Always a positive atmosphere with an amazing and positive owner! Thank you Jodi for always helping me find just what I need, whether its a crystal for helping me get through the day, or Tarot cards to find clarity for the future.

Link, Cambridge On

From the moment I walked into The Cat, The Book & The Candle I felt my whole body start to relax; the scent of the room warming my shoulders and peaking my interest as to what it might be, and where it was coming from. The product in the shop is beautifully displayed, and grouped with like product, making it a very flowing motion moving from one section to another. I found books, crystals, jewelery, art, music and the most wonderful masks (to name a few things) in the shop, but the real treasure to be found, is the proprietor herself, Jodi Cross.

Jodi’s warmth continues to welcome you into her store; her knowledge is extensive and very thorough, her skill is fascinating. I had the pleasure of having Jodi read my cards for me, it was a most enjoyable experience and she read the cards as if she had known me for years. It was a very comfortable meeting! I will be shopping their more frequently myself, and I strongly recommend Jodi & The Cat, The Book & The Candle as a wonderful place to be when you are looking to nourish your mind, body and soul. I love the fact that so much happens at The Cat, The Book & The Candle; Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions, Candle Magic, Healing With Crystals, working with Oils, and various workshops on everything that might interest you! So much to do! It was also great to see there is an online store, however, after meeting Jodi I am very certain I will be shopping in person!
Thank you so much Jodi, for all of your support, knowledge and kindness, all of which you give with such beautiful grace!

Alison Saunders, Cambridge Ontario

As a Reader and Psychic Practioner,  Jodi's clarity of insight, love and respect provide introspection and reflection causing resonance to each of her Readings.

Jodi is also a wonderful, caring and challenging mentor for a budding Practioner of any of the Holistic Modalities she practices. She offers guidance, insight and humor whenever the way seems impossible.

To us  Jodi is a respected colleague and mentor. a trusted confidante and a true friend.
We are honoured to have her in our lives and we value and treasure her many acts of kindness.

The Olive Readers, Cambridge Ontario

Jodi you ROCK!
You have helped me find peace and most importantly find myself again.
I can't thank you enough.

Carol, Kitchener Ontario

Jodi will always go above and beyond.
Love you Jodi!

Kim Harold, Brantford Ontario

Best Pagan shop I have ever been in.  Jodi is so kind and eager to answer all the questions that I had.

Cody, Cambridge Ontario

The way Jodi Cross teaches Reiki is a Spiritual Awakening.

James Winsor, Cambridge Ontario

Where to begin??? I can not even begin to say enough nice things about Miss Jodi.
Jodi is one of the most kind, caring, heartfelt people I have ever met. She is a treasure sent from the heavens above, blessed with so many amazing gifts and talents. Jodi is not only an amazing teacher but I am honored to be able to call her my friend.

Her knowledge is astonishing and I recommend her to learn from.
So thank you Jodi for all you have done in my life, without knowing you I may not be the person I have become today.

Lori, Cambridge Ontario

Thank you so much Jodi for all the great oils. The one you recommended to me is truly wonderful and the others are doing double duty for us all!

You are simply just amazing at the mixing and matching, everyone should have a bottle of one.
They just send so much energy when you put them on.

Heather, Cambridge Ontario

I don't know what to say about the Introduction To Wicca Workshop this morning except it blew my mind and I can't thank you enough for helping me on my Spiritual Journey.
I am overwhelmed, happy, joyous and a million other things all at the same time.
You are a true gift.

Amanda, Guelph Ontario

I have now attended a number of Jodi's workshops. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.
She is patient, knowledgeable, makes you laugh and most importantly helps people to do things in a way that is right for that individual.
Thank you Jodi!

Sandra, Cambridge Ontario

I can't imagine learning from anybody else.

Jason Tigert,  Cambridge Ontario (Tarot)

I just finished my Hypnosis course with Jodi Cross.  At first, I
wondered what my direction was with this course.  Jodi was amazing at
  bringingthe material together, showing each one of us individually what our
strong points were and giving us clarity.  I wouldn’t want to take this
course with anyone else but Jodi.  She is so gifted as a teacher.  Her
patience and attention to details is over 100%.  I learned more, much more
than I expected.  When I got home from my course, I posted my certificate
on facebook and got a client right away.  Jodi, big hugs, you’re
amazing!!  Thank you.

Brenda Schrader-Sanders
Hi Reiki Master/Consulting Hypnotist
New Beginnings NEW YOU.com (519-496-3313)
w/International Center for Reiki Training
REG. w/National Guild of

"Jodi Cross is an excellent teacher, mentor and guide on the journey to becoming certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Jodi's way of teaching was very clear and easy to understand with plenty of practical work. Jodi went above and beyond the criteria outlined by the board and I feel very confident that I have all the tools necessary to benefit my future clients and I would highly recommend taking this course from her."  Carrie Taylor CH

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher.  There is no one better that I could have learned from.  I feel so prepared and supported as I venture into this new journey and will always be grateful.  You are truly the best!!!!  Above and beyond all the way through!
Tracy Strangward CH
Hypnosis Training

Jodi you have been  bang on with everything.
Love, light and blessings to you.

Christie, Puslinch Ontario

I would recommend Jodi to anybody!

Julie, Brantford Ontario (Reading)

Thanks so much Jodi...with your help I have lost the weight I needed to lose and I feel good about myself. I can finally look at myself in the mirror again.

Name Withheld

Since coming to see you I feel that finally my issues from my childhood no longer stand in the way of my relationships today.
Thank you so much for helping me and helping to put all of that in my past where it belongs.

Name Withheld


I have recently had the pleasure of taking part in the Consulting Hypnotist training which is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.  My experience, was a real joy, and that was the result of having the privilege of having Jodi Cross, as my instructor.  Jodi, possesses an immense love and passion for the subject matter, that simply transfers over to her students.  I was very impressed at the depth and detail that Jodi, delves into.  I consider myself extremely fortunate, and very honoured to have been her student.
Graciously, Antonio Correia, CH

I took my original Hypnosis training elsewhere, but went on to take my Past Life Regression Certification with Jodi.
Jodi is a wonderful teacher who takes the time to give everybody what they need.
For anybody considering entering this field I would recommend learning from Jodi Cross all the way.

Donna Shirley
Certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist

I just had the privilege of taking the NGH Hypnotherapy Certification with Jodi. She is the most patient, knowledgeable and kind teacher I've ever had. She gives you 110% of everything she's got and wants to see each one of her students excel and succeed! I will be continuing my studies with her in Past Life Regression and Advanced Tarot.
 Jodi rocks!

Jennifer Jean Mason CH

I wanted to tell you how much and  blessed I am to have you as a mentor. I would have used the word teacher, but you are far more than that!!!! To anyone thinking of taking a course with you, all I can say is DO IT!!!! Not only do you educate, but you effortlessly and knowingly point me where I need to be and what I need to know.

Michell Prostran CH

I just finished my NGH Certification training and I am so very happy with my decision.
Jodi is not only an amazing instructor but an amazing person!
Her dedication to her craft is very apparent and her goal towards her students is to make each person reach their full potential.
I was nervous at the beginning but Jodi put my mind at ease at made me so comfortable that I was able to open myself up fully to enjoy my experience with Hypnosis.

On a personal note, my mother passed away 3 years ago and I found it very difficult to overcome my grief and sadness.
In Hypnosis I was given the opportunity to connect once more with my Mom and it was an unforgettable experience.
Hypnosis finally provided me with the peace that I needed in order to begin to heal.

As the owner of a fitness studio, I went into Hypnosis Training with the idea to add Hypnosis for Weight Loss but I came out of the training not only excited about not only using Hypnosis to help people with their Weight Loss goals but to continue my training in Hypnosis specializing in Grief Therapy.
Thank you so much Jodi for your expertise and encouragement.

Amber Huber, CH
Consulting Hypnotist
Owner at Studio Bounce Kangoo


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