About Us

My name is Jodi Cross and I have been a practicing Wiccan for all of my 50 years though I did not always realize there was a name for what I did and believed.

I have been communicating with Spirit, working with the Energies of Crystals, Herbs, Plants and Nature since childhood. 

I have also been working with Tarot Cards and Runes for over 30 years and have been doing Readings for about the same. 

When my Husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer I dove into learning the Alternative Healing Arts.

After some research I decided the best place to start was to learn Reiki. You could learn how to work with it's Healing Energies in a relatively short period of time and I felt it's powerful Energy after experiencing a Reiki Treatment myself. So into Reiki I dove headfirst.

I was more than delighted to find how the Reiki System of Healing worked so beautifully with the Energies of Crystals and Essential Oils that I had loved so much all of my life.

I began to work with other people who were in need of Healing and was blown away by the very tangible results that Reiki was giving time and time again. People were noticing changes and Healing on all levels be it Body, Mind or Spirit. I was hooked and eventually began teaching Reiki to others and showing them how to incorporate other Healing Energies into this work and have never looked back.

Next came Reflexology.

Reflexology helps to heal people in the way that they need be it Body, Mind or Spirit in a very profound way. It works through pressure points and areas in your feet. When these specific points and areas on the feet are stimulated, impulses are sent up the neuro pathways to other parts of the body. These impulses get rid of energy blockages and help to put other parts of the body back into balance and into a state of normal functioning.

I began to teach Reflexology too.  I felt that the more people that could benefit from these Ancient Healing Modalities the better.

What is that saying? Everything old becomes new again? Reflexology and Reiki have been around for thousands of years. It has just come back into the mainstream.

Next I came into Hypnosis.

I loved the idea of working with the Mind/Body connection to promote Healing as we are so much more than just a Physical Body.

As I got more and more into Hypnosis I began to fully realize all that could be helped with this approach to Wellness.

I soon found that not only does Hypnosis help with Physical Healing, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss, but getting to the root cause of issues that cause distress in our lives and deal with them in a relatively timely and effective manner. Sometimes in as little as one session.

I saw people dealing successfully with issues such as Anxiety, Fears, Insomnia, gaining Self Confidence, healing Relationships, and experiencing Past Life Regressions.

Well you know I had to teach Hypnosis to others too.....so I became a teacher with the National Guild of Hypnotists so I could train and certify others in this incredible field.

I did end up losing my Husband to cancer, but we beat it 3 times. When it came back the last time it was his time to go. But I fully believe that due to working with the Alternative Healing arts we were able to get 5 years instead of the predicted couple of months.

What a blessing!

I opened up a Wiccan shop in Cambridge, Ontario called The Cat, The Book and The Candle and gave Readings, taught others how to work with the Tarot in the way that is right for them, and began also teaching workshops and classes on working with the Energies of the Earth and how to direct these energies to bring about changes needed in yourself, your life and those you love as well as providing Crystals, Herbs, Crystal Jewelry, Oils and such to those who wanted to bring these energies into their lives.

After 5 1/2 years, I decided I would very much like to focus my time and energy on writing books on these subjects so I have closed the physical store The Cat, The Book and The Candle and moved my business to my home.

My Readings, Classes and Workshops are being held at my home location also in Cambridge, Ontario and I continue to provide Spiritual Tools and Supplies but in an on line venue giving me the time to devote to writing as well as continuing Readings and Classes.

I am happy to help you in any way that I can. If I don't have the particular skill or information that you are in need of, there is a good chance that I will know somebody who does and I can point you in the right direction.

And if there is something that you are in need of and you don't see here, please let me know and I will do my best to either create it for you or get it for you.

It is my pleasure and honour to be part of your journey!

Blessed Be